My Story:

I turned a side business I started in my one bedroom apartment into a multi-million dollar empire.

For me, it was never about to money. It was always about FREEDOM. I wanted to create a business that gave me back my time, and allowed me to make money from anywhere. As a hair stylist, I was tired and I needed a change. Perhaps YOU need a change. Was it easy? No. Is it possible? Absolutely. Thanks to hard work, consistency, and effective strategy, I've been able to create I life and business that I love.... and I would like to teach you how to do the same.

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

U.S. Consumers spent a record breaking 1 TRILLION dollars online in 2022.

Why did I choose E-commerce?

People often ask me why I chose to start my business online, rather than opening a physical store.  I love answering this question because there are so many great reasons to choose e-commerce.

The things that sold me: 

  • Starting my business online allowed me to continue to work my full time job, until my business generated enough revenue for me to quit.
  • Simply put, e-commerce is cheaper.  There is very little overhead starting out, and your initial investment is much lower.  (thus making your odds for succeeding a lot higher!)
  • You can make money from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Most importantly, the opportunities are endless!  Having an online store allows to reach people beyond your local neighborhood; you can have customers all over the world, literally!  (I do!)

There are so many options for you.

I've sold A LOT of things online.

Since I launched into online retail, I have had a successful extension hair business, sold custom apparel and stationary through a drop shipping store, made over 6-figures selling digital content, and I currently own a thriving women's clothing boutique that generates 6-figures monthly, and 7-figures yearly. (Boutique J.Renee ). NEEDLESS TO SAY, I have a lot of knowledge about this industry and I would love to help you and your business grow.

Featured Masterclass: Making Money In Your Sleep Advanced Training

Learn how to launch, grow, and scale your online store to 6-7 figures and beyond.

Just Getting Started?

Everything you need to launch a successful e-commerce store.

Benefits of working with me:

I want to help you avoid many of the roadblocks that tripped me up.

  • SUBSTANCE: WILL open. You WILL see results.

  • SUSTAINABLITY: There are enough "get rich quick" schemes on the market. That's not how I move. I'm not just going to show you how to get it; I'm going to show you how to KEEP it, GROW it, and MULTIPLY IT.

  • PROFITABILITY: It's one thing to make money, but a totally different thing to make profit. My curriculums are based around making sure you, the visionary, can experience true profit.


I want to provide you with resources that are going to help your dreams become reality.