You're not crazy. You're a VISIONARY.

Some people have "a dream". People like us? We have DREAM(S).

Hey! I'm J.Renee, and I am a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and social influencer.

I remember being in the place where I didn't know what to do, or what my life would become.  It wasn't that I was searching for something to do; I was overwhelmed with the idea of feeling like I wanted to do too much.

"Can I really do all this?  I've never seen anyone do these things before.  Are my dreams unrealistic?"

 One of my greatest fears has always been that I would going to be stuck doing one thing for the rest of my life.  I knew I was far too gifted, way too creative, and my ideas were WAY too big for me to be boxed into one industry or career forever..... After all, if God didn't give me all of these dreams and visions for nothing, right?  RIGHT?!

Though many didn't understand what I saw and tried to talk me into doing what they thought was "realistic", I've defied the odds time and time again by building amazing businesses, a strong, profitable personal brand, an amazing following, and creating multiple streams of revenue.  I have used a signature system to build my brand, and here are a few things that I've been able to accomplish:

  • Launch and manage multiple 6- figure businesses
  • Purchase 2 homes as a single, self-employed entrepreneur before the age of 30.
  • Build a social following of over 100,000 people across all my social networks.
  • Travel the country as a paid speaker, with unlimited speaking topics.
  • Become a published author of 2 books, a workbook, and an e-book.
  • Retire from a successful career in the beauty industry at 27, and transition to working 100% from home.

..... and so much more!

I firmly believe that NOTHING is impossible.

I am a living witness of what can happen when you BELIEVE, focus, strategize, educate yourself, and move intentionally.

The Visionary Academy was created for visionaries like YOU to be able to cultivate the skills you need to become everything that God created you to be.  I've made mistakes and done things wrong along the way, but I've also done a lot of things right!  Allow me to be your mentor, catalyst, cheat sheet and catalyst to skyrocket your success.

I can't wait to work with YOU!

- J.Renee

Featured Masterclass: Making Money In Your Sleep

Learn how to launch, grow, and scale a profitable online store.

Benefits of working with me:

There are 4 major things that I am really passionate about:

  • TRANSFORMATION: Your life WILL change. Your perspective WILL shift. Your platform WILL expand. Opportunities WILL open. You WILL see results.

  • SUSTAINABLITY: There are enough "get rich quick" schemes on the market. That's not how I move. I'm not just going to show you how to get it; I'm going to show you how to KEEP it, GROW it, and MULTIPLY IT.

  • PROFITABILITY: It's one thing to make money, but a totally different thing to make profit. My curriculums are based around making sure you, the visionary, can experience true profit.


I want to provide you with resources that are going to help your dreams become reality.

Joining The Visionary Academy

This membership has its advantages.

  • You're going to be a pro.

    Even though most courses are self paced, all Visionary Academy Masterclasses come with lifetime access to videos, worksheets, and weekly assignments to insure that you are truly learning, retaining, and applying the information taught.

  • You're not in this alone.

    When you join The Visionary Academy, you will receive LIFETIME access to our private accountability group + a year of mentorship from J.Renee.

  • Freebies

    You will receive tons of additional free content, classes and resources you need to build your empire. From home buying to the self-employed, to stress management, we are going to give you the goods. Sign up today and get a free copy of The Visionary Foundation E-book - The Ultimate step by step guide to launching your business.


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