There are gifts and visions inside of you that will literally change the world.

And its time for those visions to become reality.

This 6-week accelerated training is designed to help creative people with multiple gifts, business ideas, and dreams find their focus, build their empire, expand their influence, and multiply their revenue.

Oprah did it. Diddy did it. I'm doing it. And you can too.

What's difference between having a bunch of businesses and projects and running an EMPIRE?: Knowing where you are going, or what you are doing. You move different when you know. You command a different type of respect. Most importantly, the RESULTS are different. The Visionary Blueprint Masterclass is going to take you from fear, discouragement, and dreaming, to RESULTS.

Here's what you will get from taking this masterclass:

We are all about results.

  • You will get clarity on your purpose, your brand, and how they connect to our audience.

  • You will learn how to immediately increase your influence, engagement, and your following.

  • You will set up at least 3 new streams of income within your brand, and position yourself for more by the end of the program.

  • You will learn the keys to managing multiple businesses, and you will learn practical marketing skills that will save you thousands of dollars and ultimately maximize your ROI.

  • You will get the tools needed to monetize your voice and presence as a speaker and influencer.

  • You will position yourself as an influential authority and create a limitless brand that will allow you to evolve and matriculate through multiple industries.

What's included:

Are you ready for this?

  • The Visionary Blueprint

    This masterclass gives you lifetime access to 15+ hrs of invaluable training and resources, and help you develop a system of execution that can be repeated time and time again. These classes will give you weekly assignments that will begin building your empire from the day we start. ($2,999 value)

  • LIVE Training with J.Renee

    You will have not be in this program alone. You will have full email support throughout the program, and tons of live opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on a weekly basis as you matriculate through the program. ($1499 value)

  • Freebies

    You will have access to tons of free content and classes, starting The Visionary Foundation E-book, which will help you create the ultimate business plan. ($500 value)

  • Unlimited Accountablity

    When you sign up for our flagship course, you will be given lifetime access to our private accountability facebook group. You will be connected to a family of like-minded individuals that are motivated and building empires just like you.... FO-EVA! You can participated in all live classes and coaching sessions held in the group, even after your 8 weeks is up.


    You will receive a discount on any additional courses you take in the future, and on registration fees for our upcoming retreats. (The next one will be on the beach! Yay!)

The Visionary Blueprint is the perfect course for you if:

Let's make sure you're the right fit.

  • You are not interested in living small, and you are ready to take your life and brand to the next level.

  • You don't want to be limited to doing one thing for the rest of your life, and you want to use your creativity and vision to build an empire.

  • Your dreams are bigger than your budget, and you need practical steps and strategies that will help you knock those big goals out one by one.

  • You don't want to just sell products; you want to get paid to be yourself, speak to audiences, and share your intelligence.

  • You desire to have financial freedom, and multiply streams of revenue.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Message from J.Renee: Welcome to the Ultimate Visionary

    • Welcome To The Visionary Blueprint!

    • Who are you: Understanding your gift, purpose, and vision.

    • The Visionary Mindset - A Necessary Shift.

    • The Visionary Lifestyle: Creating a lifestyle that sustains your growth.

  • 2

    Brand Foundation: You're building something HUGE.

    • The Audit: Let's find out where you are.

    • Brand Clarity: Let's figure out what exactly we are building.

    • The Brain Dump: Mapping it all out.

  • 3

    Building Your Empire - Brick By Brick

    • Create Your Story: Make It Make Sense

    • Brand Persona And Image: Creating an image that sells

    • Brand Esthetics: What REALLY matters?

    • Versatility: You are not a "ONE TRICK PONY".

  • 4

    Strategy: Intentional steps to making it happen.

    • The signature visionary strategy: 6 Steps to knock out ANY Dream.

    • YOUR Strategy: How we will knock out every dream one by one.

  • 5

    From strategy to profit: Let's get paid!

    • Creating streams: Find your products!

    • The Speaker CRASH COURSE: Monetize your voice

    • Influencer and affiliate marketing: Get paid for your influence.

    • Test your learning

  • 6

    Expanding your reach: Growing and creating your platform

    • Social Growth Made Easy: Build Your following!

    • Followers to customers: Creating an audience that PAYS!

    • Growing your platform with live events

  • 7

    Managing Like A Boss

    • The Millionaire Lifestyle

    • Building your Team

  • 8

    Scaling and Growth: Multiplying your revenue and reach.

    • Growing, Scaling, and Managing Multiple Businesses

    • Intellectual Property And Beyond- Adding $treams to your brand!

    • Marketing MAVEN: Learn the proven techniques for growth.

  • 9

    CONGRATS! You've got the blueprint, now lets get to the millions.

    • Next Steps

    • More resources for you

    • Exit Consultation with J.Renee


For your convenience, we have a couple of different pricing options.

  • $697.00

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  • 2 x $367

    Two payments

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It gets BETTER.

Get more even more life changing, money making mentorship when you go PRO.

  • 3 Payments of $397

    3 Payments of $397The Visionary Academy Pro Membership

    Get UNLIMITED access to ALL of our courses and content, and mentorship with J.Renee for 12-months! This includes monthly live group trainings, plus access to ALL of our upcoming mastery courses, to include: The Online Retail Masterclass 2.0: Making Money in Your Sleep, The Writers Group: Writing, Publishing, and Marketing your best selling book, and Digital Pros: Skyrocketing your revenue with digital content.
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You're too creative to be stuck doing one thing.

Your ideas are valuable, and your visions are needed in the marketplace. Take the step today to get the tools you need to build your empire, and create a legacy for generations to come.

You're going to get ALL the goods.

This Masterclass will teach you:

  • Winning Strategy

    Think you can't afford your dream? I bet you can! I'm going to teach how to focus and declutter your brain by organizing and translating ALL of those million dollar ideas into a WINNING strategy.

  • The Visionary System

    I'm going to show you my signature method to executing visions and knocking your goals out one by one. From purchasing homes, to writing books, to launching businesses; This fool proof system has changed my life, and will surely change yours!

  • Multiplying your Revenue

    Let's be honest: It takes money to make money. In this day and time, having multiple streams of revenue isn't really optional; it's a necessity. I'm going to show you affordable ways to begin building with your current income, how to manage the revenue you recieve, and how you can add 5+ streams by the completion of the program.

  • Maximizing Your Potential

    Want to own multiple businesses? Want to write a book? Want to be a speaker? There is NO limit to what you can do, and who you can become. I'm going to show you exactly how to build a brand that does not keep you confined to one idea, product, and industry.

  • Building Your Audience

    I'm going to show you the keys to building your following, and create a loyal audience that will sustain your growth. You will learn the proven techniques I've used to build a social following of over 100k people across all of my networks, and how I've turned followers into loyal customers.

You're going to regret missing this opportunity.

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About Your Instructor: J.Renee

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Coach

Senior Instructor

J Renee

An innovative visionary, charismatic speaker, ground-breaking author, and serial entrepreneur: J.Renee is taking the world by a storm with her drive and passion for seeing transformation in every life that she has an opportunity to influence. Hailing proudly from the city of Clarksville, TN, both J.Renee and her parents took note of her gifts, dreams, and clear vision for the future at a very young age. After reading a book about child entrepreneurs at the age of 12, a seed was planted that would continue to grow and flourish over the next few years, until she finally gave birth to her first business on the campus of Tennessee State University. Unbeknownst to her, that small business would evolve into an eight year career in the beauty industry, that encompassed J.Renee becoming sought after hair stylist, makeup artist, extension hair line owner, and ultimately a salon owner. Since ending that phase in 2017, J.Renee has launched into a new season of life where she now more focused than ever on walking in the totality of who God has called her to be, and changing the world through her gifts. In addition to being an up and coming social media influencer and published author, J.Renee is the owner of Boutique J.Renee, an online clothing store, and the founder of The Visionary Academy, which is an online training and resource center for creatives, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Though a woman of many talents, J.Renee is most passionate about using her voice to educate, transform, and impart into the lives of others. Her heart for teaching, and use of candor and transparency has created a unique platform that allows her to be effective in both sacred and secular arenas. From colleges and universities to women’s conferences, J.Renee travels the country as an itinerate speaker, offering life-changing messages that equip, empower, and propel people into destiny. When asked to summarize her life’s mission in one quote, J.Renee stated “I don’t believe in taking potential to the grave. When I die, I want to be all used up, and I want every person connected to me to be used up as well.”